Monday, June 17, 2013

Fifty States with Team Danger

Since I'm in a traveling mode right now... I've decided to make it a goal to visit all 50 States with Team Danger.

Carl and I have hit a bit more than half of them, but for the purposes of the next eleven years, we are just going to go with states we've been to as a family of four (which leaves Arizona out since only Alex has been, before Ryan was born).  I've been to all states along the bottom of the US, and on the east and west coasts. But other than a trip to Chicago, none of the midwest or north-central parts of the country. I'm also not counting states we simply drive through, or change planes in. But if while driving, we get out and spend some time doing something in that state, I'll count it. For instance, we spent about four hours at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, so I went ahead and colored that state in, even if we didn't spend a night there.

My goal? To color this map in completely by the time Ryan graduates from high school (thus the eleven year deadline). I found this map generator online, and it looks kind of sad and boring right now. We're at seven states so far. That's 43 to go. Wow - clearly, its time to travel!

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