Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chess and Soccer Tournaments

Mid-May, we participated in our first ever chess tournament.

I wasn't sure what to expect, since we are new to chess, nor was I sure how much any of us would enjoy it. But we didn't really have anything else planned for Saturday, so it seemed sort of like kismet that we give it a try.

Alex, well... he didn't do so hot. He tied his first match, and then lost his subsequent three matches.

On the other hand, Ryan did great, and tied for second place in his age division!

His friend Michael came in first place.

The next weekend, the boys played in a soccer tournament.

They both played fantastically, and their teams did great.

I love watching what great little players they are. So does Coach Daddy.

It rained most of this weekend, but that didn't stop the tournament from going on. Which is whymy main camera stayed safe and dry in the car. Still, despite the rain, humidity, and sometimes heat, we all had fun.

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