Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Sunday

Late Sunday afternoon, we all returned from our various points across Texas. I declared it Pumpkin Time. The weather was finally cool enough, and with only a few days to go until Halloween, I thought there was a good chance our carvings would last until October 31. (Yes, I am still burned by the lesson we learned back in 1999 that you can't carve pumpkins in Texas until basically Halloween day if you want them to last).

Our local nursery always has a nice display around Halloween.

But sadly, they were all out of decent carving pumpkins. :(

Still, it made for a nice photo op.

HEB didn't let us down, and we came home with three great pumpkins - one for Alex, one for Ryan, and the family pumpkin.

I'm a fan of carving pumpkins outside.

Less mess, and we can admire our outdoor decorations whilst we carve away.

 The boys wanted Angry Birds pumpkins. These took WAY more time than originally intended, so we only ended up with two carved pumpkins.

Alex's black bomb bird (which lost part of its beak in the carving).

 And Ryan's blue Angry Bird. I'm particularly proud of this one, since it was done all by me. Well, Ryan taped his stencil on the pumpkin. ;)

The family pumpkin will remain uncarved, and can live on as a general fall decoration after we pack up the Halloween decor this weekend.

We're all ready now for a great Halloween night.

Assuming we can find all nine pieces of each boy's Ninja costume - some of those little ties for the arms and legs are small and clearly the cat is hiding them on me.

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