Monday, October 1, 2012

Alex's Hat Trick

For the first three weekends of soccer, we've been rained out twice, and Alex's team suffered a devastating first-ever loss in their first game they had a chance to play last weekend.

Even though it drizzled on and off on Sunday, we were still able to play games (the make-ups from Week 1), so we didn't have a completely soccer-free weekend.

And what a game it was for Alex and Arsenal! It started out with the other team scoring 2 goals in the first few minutes of the game, and we got worried that perhaps our glory days were behind us (at age nine).

 But then Alex came in and scored not one, not two, but THREE goals, bringing the game 3-2 going into the second half. His friend Will scored two more goals, giving us a 5-2 win.

What a game! I'm making do with camera-phone photos since I was too worried about the rain to bring the real deal out.

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