Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Bombing

 Last week, my brother and his family made their first trip to Texas in almost six years. I, naturally, took close to a gazillion photos over three days. I'm going through sorting and editing all of them, and these all made me laugh, as they are a version of the infamous photo bomb. Some happened quite naturally, like with Alex on his scooter below.

And you can catch a glimpse of Mom off to the right here.

Since its hard to get kids to smile in unison, we had time for Robyn and Audrey to also appear off to the right.

And then they officially bombed our photo shoot.

But my favorite had to be this one of Alex and Ryan, who were leaving Houston with Carl to go off to the USS Lexington camp out in Corpus. I wanted a photo of them before they took off, since I didn't know if I could count on Carl to get one of them together there.

And look who showed up, also smiling, but little Laurel.

The cutest little photo bomber EVER.

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