Friday, August 3, 2012

Star Wars Camp

  Last week, the boys went off to Star Wars camp.

OK, its really a Kids Acting Studio camp, but they spent the week learning the proper way to lightsaber duel and practicing for a Return of the Jedi play on Friday afternoon, so we call it Star Wars camp.

After last year's disastrous Theatre Action Project: Heroes and Legends camp (which was all touchy feely, and actually involved no theatre as far as I or the boys could ascertain - I just know I'm still living through the horrors of showing up for the Friday afternoon "performance" and having to spend an hour "sharing" myself with the stranger sitting next to me. Apparently that's how their whole week went, so I made them promise me that if a camp is ever that bad again, to scream and cry and yell until we get just how bad it is so we can pull them out early. The boys and I are still having PTSD nightmares from it... ugh.)
Anyway. I digress. Star Wars camp was an unqualified success.

Despite the fact that the boys didn't have the starring roles, and Ryan's character was somewhat based on the guy we call "Butt Face" in the movies.

Alex was Boba Fett, Ryan was Ponda Boba, and they were both stormtroopers for the big battle scene of Jedi vs/ stormtroopers, where everyone used lightsabers. And yes, there costumes look nothing like the movies. You just have to go with it.

I'm still amazed the boys - especially Ryan - were able to memorize as much script as they did. When they came home with a 40+ page script, I was worried.

Very worried.

Turns out that was all for naught.

Granny came in from Houston for the big show, and cousins Connor, Matthew and Aunt Elaine came to watch, as well.

This was definitely one of the "hits" of our summer, so we'll likely repeat it again in the future. The boys are anxious to try the Pirates of the Caribbean one. Although if one of them gets to be Captain Jack and the other becomes Pirate Butt Face... on second thought, maybe not the pirates camp.

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