Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to the Bus

Day two of the new school year started bright (er, dark) and early as Team Danger wanted to ride the bus.

Ryan dressed himself, choosing to ignore the shirt I put out for him. But Alex actually wore the shirt I chose, which means I've gotten two days in a row of a "button" shirt out of him. And doth boys opted to wear their second pair of new shoes today. So much for keeping one pair nice and clean looking for long. :(

Alex was trying to read his new book in the dark, a back to school present he desperately wanted, the 3rd Origami Yoda book which just came out. I just *love* that my eldest loves books so much now.

Their first day of school seemed to go well. The evening was bit overshadowed by Ryan's decision to try out the treadmill at home and push it up to "100," also known as ten miles an hour. He promptly fell down and skinned knee badly, hence the large band-aid now covering his knee below. Lots of screaming and moaning were the focus of our evening, so details about his day were sketchy, at best. Every time we'd ask him about something, he'd find a way to move his answer around to his knee and start sobbing again. So I went easy on him with my cross-examination, and let his non-responsive answers slide for once.

I fully intend to come in for the kill this evening and ask away until he cracks, giving me the details I crave.

Alex, on the other hand, is used to my daily evening cross examining, and not only volunteered information, but decided to write a story to tell us about his day.

He didn't get very far, though.

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