Friday, August 3, 2012

My Royal Olympics

I'm pretty content with my life.

I have two fantastic children, a wonderful husband of almost fifteen years, a good job, a great house, I get to travel, and I have amazing friends and family.

But when I see pictures of how wonderfully happy and real Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry are at the Olympics, well, I just really want to be Kate Middleton.

I mean, just look at her.

She's beautiful, has an incredible wardrobe, a shoe closet Carrie Bradshaw must envy, and she has access to the royal jewels.

She has hair to dye for, and I think might secretly model for shampoo commercials.

She's married to Prince William, and is great friends with Hot Prince Harry.

Look how much in love they are.

She and the other Windsors are all having just a bit too much fun at the Olympics.

In my secret life, I am Kate Middleton.

Or her sister-in-law, married to Harry.*

* with apologies to my dear husband who knows I'm only joking.

Sort of.

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