Monday, August 27, 2012

First and Third

And they're off!

We started with two very happy and excited little boys.

Even though Alex wasn't too keen about posing with my printed signs.

I can't believe how big they are getting.

Ryan is wearing size 3 shoes (and notice the ties - he insisted we leave the velcro behind, because that's for "babies"), and size 7/8 in clothes.

Alex is wearing size 6.5 shoes and size 10/12 in clothes.

Alex felt that third grade meant he was big enough to walk him to his room.

Ryan let us walk him to the "kiva," where all the first graders hooks are for their backpacks.

And then we quickly snuck a peek into his room.

And now for a few other Back-to School pictures, like the School Skate Party on Wednesday night.

And Meet the Teacher on Friday afternoon.

Our school orders the supplies for you so they are waiting at your desk when you show up for Meet the Teacher, looking like this.

Ryan has Ms. Martinez for first grade.

Alex has Ms. Corbett for third grade. The third grade rooms are very austere and business-like. A sign things will soon be changing for young Alexander as he enters the world of actual graded classes.

And can I say how happy I am to be getting away from the ridiculous 1-2-3-4 grades which tell me NOTHING about how my child is performing?

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