Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day, 2011.

I stayed home from work since I'm still recovering from the flu. Alex still wasn't feeling that well, but since he has been fever free for several days, we sent him to school so he wouldn't miss "Chocolate Fever."

Here he is with his chocolate spots and pjs on in the morning before heading off to school.

And since I didn't like the very persistent cough he's had for two weeks now, here he is at the end of the day back at the doctor's office, getting a nebulizer treatment.

 He gets to do this four times a day for the next week at least. :(

Ryan was back at school, and came home with a valentine he made just for me.

And this evening, we opened our gifts and cards to each other. The boys received (what else?) LEGOS and books.

And Mommy received some beautiful roses, as well as a truly brilliant card from Carl.


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