Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Cold Winter's Night

We let the boys stay up late tonight in hopes of seeing snow fall. They've got their second late start in a row tomorrow, so I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world to stay up past 8:00.

And about 8:30, we actually started to see some snow fall!

So we bundled up and went off to see if we could catch snowflakes on our tongue.

Ryan didn't last too long outside - it was too cold for him - but Alex went exploring to find the most amount of snow possible. And he did, on our frozen fountain.

If you look closely, there's some snowflakes accumulating there.


Meanwhile, Carl and I have been busy with the final details for Ryan's birthday party. He's having a LEGO theme, and since there aren't any LEGO paper goods, we're having to make our own.

We've got the goody bags done, printed out some little coloring books, turned yellow cups into LEGO cups, and started making the LEGO marshmallow pops. They are turning out to be a lot harder than we were led to believe so we've (and I use the royal 'we' since Carl is totally owning the LEGO pops) only done three so far. But I LOVE how they are coming out!

Now we just have to pray that we get enough snow and ice for no school and work tomorrow, AND that we have no more rolling blackouts that might cause Pump It Up to cancel us on Saturday.

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