Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Fever

The first graders at Spicewood had Chocolate Fever Day on Valentine's Day.

Its based on the book  "Chocolate Fever," about a boy who eats so much chocolate he gets sick.

Chocolate Fever

All the kids came with chocolate fever spots on Monday (made with brown eyeliner) and wore their pajamas since they were 'sick.'

At the end of the day, they learned the steps of how to make a chocolate sundae, and we had an ice cream party for them.

Then they opened their Valentine's from each other and ate WAY too much candy and sweets.

Finally, it was time to take the Pledge to never eat too much chocolate again.

They were all given the cure: take one vanilla pill (ie, a white chocolate chip).

Alex had a great time, even if he was feeling a bit under the weather. But I'm sure wearing jammies all day helped make things all better. :)

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