Friday, February 11, 2011

Soccer Already!

It hardly seems possible, but Alex's first spring soccer practice is tomorrow morning. In the middle of our illnesses, we realized that last season's cleats come nowhere close to fitting the boys. So a trip to Academy was in order.

Ryan was easy, and picked out these cleats.

His favorite color - blue - and the color of his Chelsea uniform, to boot. He will definitely be stylin' this spring.

Alex was a bit harder to please. He wanted cleats that were his favorite color, red. And the only red ones they had were white with a hint of red  - which I quickly deemed a no-no for muddy soccer fields - and some black ones with a red Nike swoosh that they did not have in stock in his size. Turns out they didn't have many shoes his size.

So I started randomly opening any box that was size 4.5 and looked for shoes that did not have pink on them. Out of all the cleats,  we found two no-pink 4.5s.

But it turns out that one of those was a clear winner.

For not only does it come in a nice manly black with a black Nike swoosh, but it has color changing swoosh options!

How cool is this??!!

I totally want color changing shoes for me. Think how easy women's fashion would be... we wouldn't need 42 pairs of shoes. Oh wait... maybe that's not a good thing after all. We need our 42 pairs of shoes.

So despite the lack of choices Academy presented to us tonight, Alex still managed to end up with his red cleats after all.

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