Saturday, February 26, 2011

... And more LEGOs

Back in December, I had received a free pick-a-mix-LEGO box as a gift with purchase with the Police Station. Since they would only give me one of those free boxes, I decided to save it as a birthday present for Ryan. Combined with some of his birthday money, what could be better than a trip to the LEGO store?

Ryan was unbelievably thrilled to make this trip - especially since I took just him and left Alex to work on  his Pinewood Derby car with Carl - and carefully examined each and every possible box as an option. Usually when the boys get money or checks for their birthdays/holidays, I spirit it away and deposit it in their savings accounts. Its generally not as if they *need* any more toys, after all. But the card from his great-grandmother Rita arrived late, on Valentine's Day, actually, so I thought it was a Valentine card, and he opened it before I could stop him. He was puzzled over the piece of paper, but I explained to him that it was worth money if we took it to the bank.

Now, Ryan does understand what money is. He's been receiving an allowance since September, and he is all about the power of the dollar bills, and how they relate to his LEGOs. So I decided to let him keep this check (especially since I managed to keep the other great-grandparents checks away from him) and off to LEGO we went.

After Ryan checked out all the different sets out - would it be the new spinning Ninjagos? More Star Wars? His own Harry Potter set since the other ones all belong toAlex? Atlantis, with which he has some odd fascination? Nope, for Ryan it was more ... wait for it... police LEGOs.


After picking his Grandma Rita present (whom Ryan described as his 'cousin' to the LEGO cashier), it was time to turn our attention to the back wall. As our chief LEGO master of ceremonies, I knew we needed certain pieces more than others. But this was Ryan's gift, so I was determined to let him fill up the box how he wanted. Imagine my pleasure that Ryan also seemed to grasp which pieces we needed the most. Lots of the big, long ones, and the smaller thin base plates. He crammed that sucker full - so full I thought they might make us put some back. And when he was done, he went to the bin of the smallest pieces and through a handful of them in, too.  Way to get our money's worth, Ryan!

He held his box the whole drive home, and began assembling it immediately. Grandma and Papa were coming over for dinner, and Papa oversaw the assembly, but it was all Ryan.

One very happy, proud little five year old.

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