Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Didn't I Think of this Sooner?

Last night we had a late dinner, and I let the boys watch a Christmas show on tv while Carl and I cooked and puttered in the kitchen. Watching tv mid-week is pretty rare, and apparently the excitement was too much for poor Ryan to take, because he was fast asleep on the couch in no time.

We tried to wake him up for dinner, but he was out.

This morning I took Alex to school, and when we left, Ryan still hadn't woken up. He always likes to go drop him off, so I was preparing myself for an angry Ryan when he realized he had been left home.

And yet, when I came back home twenty minutes later, he was downstairs, fully dressed, and pleased as punch with himself. (Carl was still sleeping, lest you think I left my four year old home alone.) The reason Ryan was so happy?

"I slept longer than Alex, Mommy!"

Oh yes. Apparently, Ryan views this as a competition. I see great things coming out of such a competition. We are going to have our first one Friday night/Saturday morning, and I'm going to come up with a really great prize for who can sleep the longest.

Pure genius, I tell you.

I just wonder how long we can keep the competition going?

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