Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Team Blue

A few months ago, we learned that Carl's sister is expecting her second child in April.

Today, we found out that the baby will be ... a boy!

Making a grand total of four male grandchildren for Chris and Al.

Not that having all boys isn't fun, but my father-in-law either jinxed/blessed us 7+ years ago. Chris wanted a little boy charm for her charm bracelet when I was pregnant with Alex, and when Al went to buy it for her, the boy charm was over $100, but a little girl charm was only $10. Never one to pass up a bargain, Al bought both charms, thinking surely he would find the need for a little girl charm at least once in his lifetime.

Alex was born in 2003.

Ryan was born in 2006.

Connor was born in 2008.

And now Baby Boy Coberly #2  (Swanson grandson #4) will be born in 2011.

So if anyone knows anyone needing a little gold baby girl charm, I think we can work out some kind of deal. ;) 

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