Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa, Rounds 2 and 3

Following the success of Thanksgiving weekend's visit with Drunk Santa, and the official creation of their Wish Lists, Team Danger was eager for a repeat audience with Santa. They felt the need to "update" him on their requests. Whereas I felt the need to remedy the impression Drunk Santa had left on two indelible little boys.

Saturday's Family Christmas Party for IBM employees provided just such an opportunity for Team Danger.

Alex's updated request, in this order: "A puppy, a kitty and a gumball machine."

Ryan's updated request, in this order: "Star Wars LEGOs, Police LEGOs, and Prince of Persia LEGOs."

Sunday morning brought a surprise appearance by Saint Nicholas during Sunday School. We didn't take any photos - no other parents were, and we didn't want to appear, well, too commercial. But they had a chance to visit with him all the same. Neither list changed. Alex still wanted a puppy, a kitty and a gumball machine. Ryan still wanted Star Wars LEGOs, Police LEGOS and Prince of Persia LEGOs.

Flash forward a few hours, and we are looking through the Sunday paper. Me, with fear and trepidation, as the open records request we've been dealing with for six months finally made its appearance as the star headline, and Team Danger with joy and excitement as they LOVE all the big toy ads this time of year. And somehow, they find MORE things they want. Which prompts this request from Alex: "Can we please go to the mall? Because we need to see Santa and tell him about the new things we want."


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