Sunday, November 21, 2010

Talent Day

Friday was a chance for Team Danger to show off some of their cultural skills.

First up, was Ryan. He and his class did a skit of "The Very First Thanksgiving Day." He had practiced his lines a bit, and we had talked a lot about projection and volume. A few years back, when Alex played Christopher Columbus in a Columbus Day play, you could barely hear a word the boy said. I was determined history would not repeat itself.

And I'm proud to say he did a great job. Definitely the loudest voice in the room.

Ryan was especially pleased with his "prop." Not every child got to hold a prop. And he's all about his props these days. Its his new favorite word. He came home a few weeks ago and happily announced, "I've got a prop." And a prop he had. We even get to keep his prop.  Bonus.

The day wrapped up with Alex's Talent Show at the YMCA Aftercare program. Alex was all excited to sign up for the talent show, although he originally wanted his talent to be dancing. Really? Dancing? Its not as if he's ever had a dance class. No clue where that came from. We reminded him he had a real talent - taekwondo - and so he decided to do his form and break a board. Carl helped him with the board breaking, since you need to have someone who knows what they are doing hold the boards. So because Carl was helping him, and because I didn't make the talent show, we have no pictures of Alex's first talent show.

Well, I take that back. Our friends Brian and Drew (from the boys' soccer team) were there with their mom, Shelley, to watch Alex and the other talented (or talent-less, as Carl deemed all the other performances) children, and he snapped this photo.

Which pretty much sums up Carl's view of the "talent" show.

Which can also be summed up by the texts I received from Carl during the late afternoon on Friday. "F***ing torturous... I want to die...its so much worse than u can imagine... burning alive would be less painful...OMG, its actually going downhill... getting worse... almost in hell... no wait, we just got there."

Apparently watching little girl after little girl dance to Taylor swift and Katy Perry was not Carl's idea of a good time. He has no idea how lucky he is that he ended up with two boys.

And mental note to make sure Carl gets the talent show duty every time. ;)

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