Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Bounty(hunter)ful Halloween

This year, Alex and Ryan dressed up as Jango Fett and his son, Boba Fett, bounty hunters in the Star Wars movies.

Due to the craziness of being a two-kids-in-sports family (not to mention the newest time sucker of our lives, Scouts), we did not have a single free weekend day to actually visit a pumpkin patch until Sunday, October 31.

At which point most of the patches were closed down. :(

So we made do with the stragglers at the church across the street from the boys school, where at least some pumpkins were still to be found.

Then it was home for carving, and waiting for cousin Connor to arrive to go trick or treating with Team Danger.

I dressed up as Christine O'Donnell, although I failed to get any photos of my costume. I simply wore a suit, and my witch's hat. Sadly, only two people 'got' my costume while we were out trick or treating. I think most of my neighbors just thought I was some idiot walking around dressed up for work with a witch's hat. Ah, well.

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