Thursday, November 18, 2010

A righting of a wrong...

Today is the day when Team Danger has thrown off the oppression that has so long... ah, oppressed them... easing themselves of a terrible burden that has afflicted their little lives.

What horrific thing could bend the happy will of such vibrant little boys? It is none other than evil socks. YES you heard me! EVIL SOCKS! These are they:

Or, rather, here they are:

Many moons ago my loving wife obtained these horrible socks for the boys and for so long a time refused to let me replace them. Tearful cries of "my feet are cold", "my ankles are exposed and its 20 below zero" and "why oh why mommy do you torture us so!" (OK, that last one may be a bit of a stretch) went unanswered. And their father, bent in shame, did nothing.

Until one day, the cry's could be withstood NO LONGER!. Danger Daddy's forbidden desire of warmer footwear for his sons became too great a burden for him to ignore any further. An expedition to Super Targer was undertaken. To Safety Mommy, none of this was spoken.

Time pass, as time is wont to do, and Team Danger returned home, 24 crew socks (boys medium) richer.

These are they:

I'm sorry, here they are:

I asked my eldest to try on the hard-won treasure and he gasped as the first one passed his toes. "These are AWESOME" he cried. My youngest offspring was next and as he slipped on his new pair of cotton goodness, a tear (oh yes, an actual tear) rolled down his cheek and he said as he ran up the stairs (and this is a DIRECT quote) "Daddy, I'm not able to say what I want to say about these socks. Thank you Daddy!"

As my brave young knaves disappeared up the stairs, now warm and snug as they settled down to their slumber, nothing could be heard throughout the Swanson house by the gentle sobbing of a grateful father.

I just hope the wife isn't upset when she sees the socks...

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  1. Ha ha, very funny, dear. Not. I'll give you the longer socks for winter. But come spring, they. are. outta. here.



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