Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend with the Cantinacitas

Cantinacita Weekend, 2010: otherwise known as the tale of ten perfectly sane and intelligent women and one husband) take over the Far View Bed and Breakfast in Brenham, run by increasingly surly innkeepers. Surly innkeepers who the gall to claim they couldn't remember us from past years, even though Teri accidentally made off with their guest book during the annual book exchange last year. We decided to ramp up the havoc this year, including the rental of their new addition, the Casita.

But what happens in the Casita, stays in the Casita.

Carl, in the meantime, had the joy of waking the boys up at 5AM for their Divisionals Swim Meet. Apparently Team Danger could not quite believe they were up and dressed at 5:20 in the morning, so this picture was kindly texted to me with some loud beeps at that time.

Alex's relay team came in seventh place, which means he once again received an orange seventh place ribbon. Alex now has three orange ribbons, and Ryan has been DYING for an orange ribbon. I tried to explain to him that the blue and red ones are better, but there is little reasoning with a stubborn four year old. So with Alex's permission, we pretended Ryan won the orange ribbon when we picked them up on Monday. He was beyond ecstatic, and it took a place of high prominence on his ribbon boards.

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