Friday, July 30, 2010

Art Camp

This was Week 1 of Alex's session at the Doughterty Arts School, a camp run by the City of Austin Parks and Rec. It started a bit auspiciously on Monday morning, as we approached the building that looks as if it were constructed in the late sixties.

Alex: "This doesn't look like a very fun camp... this looks like a camp for the old cowboys and Indians."

They don't apparently get much outside play time, other than at lunch. Still, he complained when I picked him up a bit early the other day, so I'm taking that as a good sign that he isn't missing non-stop physical activity. The theme for this session was "Knights, Fair Ladies, Legends and Lore," which I thought would be right up my little prince's alley.

Some of the art he came home with this week.

A shield he made out of construction paper.

A sandcastle, made from sand.

A crepe paper stained glass window.

A watercolor stained glass window.

A dragon, made with tape, paint and glitter.

And a viking helmet, made out of duct tape and snow cone cups.

Still not quite sure how the Vikings fit into the Knights and Fair Ladies theme, but its a pretty cool helmet.

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