Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy Days

I stayed home yesterday with a sick Ryan. He has a sinus infection, so we have a new round of antibiotics. We finally have our first consult with a pediatric ENT later this week - it took ages to schedule - and it can't come soon enough for my perceptually sick little munchkin. When he was born with congenital pneumonia, the NICU docs had warned me that his immune system would always be weaker than other kids, and sadly, their prediction has come true. Hopefully getting his tonsils removed as his pediatrician recommends will make a difference, so that we can nip this before he actually starts kindergarten in 2011.

So I spent Monday building Legos. A lot of Legos. I'm beyond Lego-ed out. I re-built the 890 piece "Battle of Endor" set Ryan had received for his birthday, which I spent hours building back in February and which he promptly destroyed in mere seconds soon after I had finished. Its sat in a bowl ever since.

LEGO Star Wars The Battle of Endor (8038)

We are *SO* gluing this sucker.

Fortunately, Carl and I had the last few episodes of True Blood to watch last night after the kids were finally asleep. Nothing like a good dose of my second favorite vampire, Eric, to take my mind of Legos.

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