Thursday, July 29, 2010


Driving past the Palmer Events Center this morning, and seeing the horrible sign, "TEXAS BAR EXAM: JULY 27, 28, 29," my PTSD set in, and I flash-backed to the horrificness that was my life twelve summers ago (and yes, I just made up that word). Back in May-July 1998, I studied night and day for months on end, only to be rewarded with a three day long exam that was such a nightmare that I will never leave the state of Texas, lest I ever have to take another bar exam.

And it got me thinking.

Things that make me happy, July 2010:

1. I will never have to take the Texas Bar Exam again.

2. Alex is "somewhat" happy with the Dougherty Arts Camp. When we drove up Monday morning, and he complained, "This doesn't look like a very fun camp," I was really afraid I might have blown $405 and be up a creek without a paddle for two weeks. But he's even decided he wants to do it for three weeks next summer, not just two. And this despite the fact that the only time he has played outside there was when they had a fire drill on Tuesday. Here's a "sand"castle he painted with actual sand and glue this week.

3. Mom's eye surgery went well, and she is on the way to recovery.

4. Both of my children are out of diapers, and I will never have to change one again. At least until I'm a grandmother.

5. Carl agreed to the new paint color, and to the new arrangement of the bedroom furniture.

6. My pool. Best money we ever spent, bar none.

7. Ryan is swimming, and I don't have to panic every single time we are working outside and take our eyes off them in the pool for ten seconds.

8. Alex is now building his own LEGOs. With any luck, I have so built my last LEGO.

9. The LEGO store is opening at Barton Creek in eight days.

10.  Edward Cullen. Eric Northman. And the casting of Daniel Craig in "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo." Here's hoping they find the need to add a blue swim trunks scene to the movie. Who cares if its set in Sweden, in the middle of winter?


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