Friday, June 25, 2010

Pirate Week at BB Gun Camp

I joined Alex for lunch today at BB gun camp.

Every day after lunch, they have "Sing Song." As this week was Pirate Week, the boys had made pirate hats and swords during arts and crafts. They wore them today as they watched the other skits be performed and sung the camp songs.

"Aunt Trudy" had the campers teach the visiting parents the Camp Doublecreek song. Little does she know that this song has been sung so many times Chez Team Danger that not only do I know it, but Ryan can recite it, too. (side note: I alternate between thinking its cute and sad that Ryan sings every word to the Spicewood school song and the Doublecreek song. I don't think he even realizes that he isn't old enough to be a part of theses places yet.)

Then they sang Happy Birthday to the campers who had a birthday today. As a treat for you on your birthday, you get to run around the campgrounds while everyone sings to you. I suppose some might look at this as a treat. This, however, would not be my idea of the perfect birthday celebration.

Then some bad pirates arrived, looking for buried treasure. The good pirates arrived on a pirate ship (golf cart) to rescue the campers from the bad pirates, and to keep the treasure safe. A battle ensued. The good pirates won, and the treasure chest full of Smarties was opened. There was some unhappiness for some of our first grade boys (Alex included) when all the treasure was thrown far away from where the first grade boys were sitting. All was better, though, when additional treasure was found.

Then the first grade boys put on a skit. (I lucked into a good Friday to go, as this was the first time in three weeks they did a skit). To the tune of "Boom Boom Pow," the boys waved their swords in the air.

Or they just watched their counselors wave their swords in the air. Note to self that Alex is not a born performer. This does not bode well for the upcoming Daughtery Arts summer camp.

Then it was off to horseback riding.

Alex got to ride "Buddy" today, and from what I can see, this was pretty cool for him. Apparently Buddy is THE most fought-over horse at Doublecreek.

I was fairly impressed with his horse riding skills. He handled the reins well, told the horse "Whoa" when he needed to stop, and would pat the horse when he was supposed to.

The piece de resistance, for Alex, is that in addition to horseback riding, they are also apparently learning how to do danger tricks on the horse.

They call it "around the world," and WHILE THE HORSE IS MOVING, have the children turn around 360 degrees in their saddles.

Safety Mommy did not approve.

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  1. Wow! Impressive and surprising (that they do that). That would have made me a little nervous too!



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