Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday -- the Root of all Evil

Alex is going to Tae Kwon Do camp this week, which means I can take the boys to the 8AM swim practice, rather than the 7PM practice. I haven't been liking the evening practices, as we are just getting to bed too late. Somehow the boys aren't as exhausted as I imagined when I signed them up for the swim team, and  they aren't simply collapsing in bed as soon as we get home, exhausted. No, instead they are up until 9-9:30 pm every night, and in addition to not being good for the boys, I am getting hardly any Annalynn time.

So this morning, Alex goes outside to grab the suit he wants to wear. Alex comes back, and Ryan decides he needs his suit that is outside, too. So Ryan goes out the back door. I then remember Alex needs a second suit, for camp, and I then go outside. A few seconds later, Alex decides to join us, and shockingly, closes the door right away. I've spend the last two months yelling at them almost non-stop to close the door after them to keep the bugs out of the house, and do they ever listen to me? Noooo.

But today, the one time the bottom lock happens to be turned to the automatic "lock" setting, Alex decides to close the door.

And we can't get back in. We are all shoeless, Ryan is naked, and Alex is in a bathing suit. (Ryan, at least, is able to put on the bathing suit).

But wait!

This has happened to us a few years back, when Carl went off to a concert and the three of us were swimming, and he locked us out. We learn from our mistakes, and took multiple steps to make sure this NEVER happened again.

I go searching for the back door key that is hidden.

Except its not in its place.

So we go the front of the house, and look for our keyless entry garage door pad.

Except its not there.

And I remember how the battery needed to be replaced, and how it is sitting inside the garage.

We go looking for our front door key that is hidden (there are different locks for the front and back doors).

Except its not there.

And I remember how we took that key out of its place last week when we left for Port Aransas and couldn't find Romeo, and gave that key to Jeff so he could let him in later that day.

So we go to Jeff's house, and hope that he is still there (its 7:45 a.m.).

Jeff is home, and he has our key!


Carl left through the garage this morning, so he didn't remove the top dead bolt.

So we can open the door two inches, but no further.

We use Jeff's phone and  call Carl.

Monday is the one day of the week Carl actually goes into IBM to work. Any other day of the week, none of this would have happened anyways. Carl is not so thrilled to receive my phone call.

Alex, meanwhile, has found some plastic pipes on the ground near the garage Carl bought at Home Depot yesterday for ... I don't know ... one of his eighty-nine different projects.

Alex tries to use the pole to knock the lock off.

Doesn't work.

Jeff generously goes to his house and gets some screwdrivers, to see if we can unscrew the safety lock.

The screws are long.

Two inches long.

There are three of them.

Its hot.

Very hot.

Jeff is sweating.

I am sweating.

My hair is frizzing out of control.

Two screws are out and FINALLY, Carl arrives home, and hits "open" on the garage door opener.

And we didn't make it to swim practice.

Oh, and to make my morning even better, the Entertainment Weekly I've been eagerly anticipating arrives in my mailbox.

Except there is no Edward and Jacob on my cover.

I have received the Bella cover.


Who on earth at Entertainment Weekly thought this would be a good idea, to make two covers? And to make one of the covers without either Edward or Jacob? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Bella??!!


  1. Hope your day improves!! Yes, the 2 covers idea... bad!

  2. Ok, I know this isn't a funny story, but you've written it in a way that makes me smile. We too have numerous key hiding places, but have still wound up locked outside for several hours. That is a great picture of Kristen Stewart, but not exactly what we're looking for, is it. Fear not, tomorrow night is getting closer and closer!



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