Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had a lovely, long weekend in Port Aransas to celebrate Father's Day, despite the loss of my glasses to King Tritan within an hour of arriving at the beach.

And despite the bizarre sunburn I got from the cheap sunscreen spray cans which I will NEVER BUY AGAIN. They are all the rage among kids at swim team and at Alex's camp, but I can't stand them. Carl sprayed me down pretty thoroughly, except, well, I look a bit like a zebra on my arms and chest. You can literally SEE THE SPRAY MARKS. I'll be wearing long sleeves for a long, long time to come. Just the thing for summer in Texas.

On a plus note, the boys have completely lost any fears of the ocean they once had, and they had a blast playing in the waves. The bigger the splash, the better.

Oh, and apparently its Stingray season. I thought that I first saw a school of them swimming by us in the water on Saturday, and then deicded the loss of my glasses was making me see things. But then the next day. Carl thought he saw a school of them, too. And a few hours later, one washed up with the tide.

And a bit after that, a fisherman was casting his net and caught one.

The boys thought this was the highlight of the trip. Me, all I could think of was the Crocodile Hunter.

 Ryan was a bit worn out by all the fun.

But after a 75 minute nap, he was ready to go for more fun.

We're home now, I've been to see the eye doc, bought a new pair of glasses that were ready in "about an hour," and successfully protested our property taxes again. And now I get to go to work. :)

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