Monday, June 7, 2010

Alex's Last Day of Kindergarten, and my Birthday Weekend

Alex had his last day of Kindergarten back on Friday, May 28. I had been at the TDCAA Conference in San Antonio, so I missed sending him off to school on his last day. But I made it back in time for at least half of the all-Kindergarten party at the park. He had a great time eating pizza, popsicles, and playing with his friends.

We presented Ms. Gittinger with her end of the year gift from the class. As a homeroom parent, I had assembled the scrapbook we made for her. As usual, I was putting it together fairly last minute, but I was pleased with the end result. We were missing a few children's work and photos, so I made sure to include some group shots. But still, how sad for those kids that their parents couldn't manage to get this simple thing filled out and back to me. I sent it out over a month in advance, and sent three reminder emails to the deliquent parents, with the documents attached in case it was lost. Alex told me that Ms. Gittinger read out the children's responses in class that afternoon, and I feel really bad for those four children who never had a chance to contribute. Poor things.

At the end of the school day, we picked Ryan up and went to see Shrek 4 at the theaters, and no, not the glasses one. Alex cannot stand to see movies "with glasses," and I had misread the times, so we were forced to kill some time at Baskin Robbins waiting for the non-glasses version to start. Shrek was... okay. I enjoyed the first one, but most of this storyline seemed to be over the heads of the boys, and I would hazard, most of the children seeing it. They didn't get that Shrek had made a bad deal, and might lose his whole life. It was very dark, although I did enjoy seeing Fiona as a kickin' warrior ogre.

Also, we celebrated my (ugh) 38th birthday a few weekends ago. It got "lost" in my enthusiasm for the LOST finale, so I didn't blog about it somehow. I've always been happy about being in my thirties, but all of a sudden, 38 is awfully close to 39, and all of a sudden I seem to be at 40. Still, we had a nice weekend.

My mom and Aunt Cheryl came over for the weekend. We saw the boys swim in the Time Trials for their Swim Team on Friday night, then Saturday morning, Ryan had his very last soccer game with the Roly Polys, our make-up game after the rain out.

That afternoon, my cousin Patrick, his wife Ayesha, and their beautiful baby, Ayanna, came over for a visit. Ayanna is quite the little water bug, and the boys had a blast playing with Patrick. They haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had with him!

And then on Sunday, we celebrated my birthday some more. The boys had made me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and Mom had ordered some very cute cupcakes to be delivered.

And I got the Jacob Barbie doll I've had my eye on. He now has a place of honor to the left of my Bella and Edward on the "Twilight" shelf in the library. :)

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