Friday, June 18, 2010

From a bad case of the Mondays to Friday, I'm in Love

This week started out rather nastily when I was driving to work Monday morning and my car was hit. I was driving down Enfield, as I do every day, when, out of the corner of my eye, I see the car in the lane to my right go up on to the curb. I can only assume she over-corrected herself, for the next thing I know, my car has been hit. This impact then causes her car to spin, and next thing you know, she has run into an electric pole. The impact causes the pole to fall down, crushing the front of her car and blocking the sidewalk.

Her first words to me, while she waved her cell phone around, were "my phone did it." Nice...

Not, are you okay, or I'm sorry, but. ... my phone did it."

The ironic bit of this accident is that the last time I was in a car accident, nine years ago, was also on Enfield, going home from work - also not my fault, I should add. The lanes are narrow, and I've been super cautious on that road ever since. I wonder if I should use a different egress from MOPAC to downtown?!

It took her insurance until Wednesday to get back with me and confirm they were going to cover the repair, and get me a rental car. I argued with the adjuster that I needed a minivan, and not just a standard sized vehicle, and she agreed. So I went to pick it up Thursday morning, and, shocker, they did not have a minivan. They gave me a gas guzzling Ford Explorer that had three rows, but with the 3rd row, there was positively no luggage space. And since we are heading to Port Aransas this weekend with Chris and Al, I complained, ever so politely. Bobby at Enterprise told me he would try and get me a minivan by Friday.

So you can imagine my surprise when Bobby called me this morning to say that he couldn't locate a minivan for me. I would have wagered money this would happen, and was already mentally preparing for us driving two cars this weekend.

But never in a million years wold I have expected the next words out of Bobby's mouth. "Since we couldn't get you a minivan from our fleet, we bought you a new one." I was stunned.

And my amazement continued when I arrived to pick up the minivan. It wasn't a used minivan. It wasn't a gently used minivan. It was a brand spanking new minivan, with only twenty-three miles on the odometer. And fully loaded. Leather seats, automatic opening doors, voice activated telephone controls, satellite radio, DVD players for the second and third rows. Simply beautiful. I almost hugged Bobby, I was so happy. Team Danger will be riding in style this weekend.

Its almost a shame to take such a beauty to this beach.

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  1. So glad something so irritating turned out so nice!



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