Monday, August 11, 2014

My Spurs

I've posted about the San Antonio Spurs before. We grew up going to the games, and ever since David Robinson first jumped onto the team my senior year of high school, they have been the only sporting team I've cared two hoots about.

They've won four national championships (see Ryan and the trophies here), but I'd never been to a Finals game before. Nor had my brother (who is also a huge fan. Natch.) So when he found out he needed to come to Austin for work, we carefully picked out a week to coincide with Finals week, and with the first two home games. We were a bit nervous we were jinxing things planning out for Finals week - that maybe we should aim for something more guaranteed, like the quarterfinals. But we had faith in our Spurs, and pretty soon, all that was left was to hunt around for the most reasonably-priced way insanely overpriced tickets we could find.

The hardest part was not taking the kids. I could have bought tickets for all of us in the nosebleed sections, but Beau and I really wanted some good seats. So I decided my once-in-a-lifetime sibling adventure and 15th row seats was worth disappointing the boys (who are still angry with me, by the way, two months later). Happy birthday and merry Christmas to Annalynn and Beau, all in one package. :)

We arrived early in time to take part in the celebrating. It was the Spurs! In the Finals!

Have I mentioned that I loved our seats???!!!

One of my favorite moments of the night: for about the ten minutes before the tv cameras came on, Tim Duncan had his kids out on the floor, sitting on his lap. They huddled close together, and you could tell he was trying to get some of their love, faith and support to rub off on him. At the last second before the cameras started filming, his 'people' ushered the kids back into the tunnel into a private spot to enjoy the game.

I also loved spotting David Robinson in the crowd. Beau had brought his #50 jersey with him in hopes of getting it signed, but we were too far away. He's got a Spurs cap on in this photo, head turned down, wearing a light blue shirt.

My other highlight of the night? Patty Mills' parents and girlfriend were sitting behind us, and after he scored one of his three-pointers, I turned around and high-fived his mom. Oh, to be in her shoes someday...

In the end, the Spurs lost by two points to Miami at this game (our only loss in a five game series). Would I have preferred a win? Hell, yes. But this loss enabled us to come home and win on home turf, which is HUGE. AND, most of the other games were such blow-outs that ... dare I say it... they weren't as exciting to watch as ours, which was a nail-biter to the end.

And just in case you haven't seen this video yet ... here is why we love us some Spurs.

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