Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st of 3rd and 5th

Today was the last first day of school for both my boys at their elementary school.

Needless to say, I was a bit emotional.

Alex even made us wait in the car a few minutes before we got out this morning, out of fear one of his friends see him with the crying mom and find him un-cool. Its hard being the mom of boys sometimes. I saw a lot of friends who are moms of girls taking all these cute pictures of lots of girls all huddled up together, smiling away, and I'll admit it. The picture-loving mom in me was jealous. I tried to get Alex and his BFF, Brittan, to pose together in front of the school. No dice. This was as close as I got.

 I was also more than a bit peeved that the fifth graders all gather in the cafeteria, and weren't released back to the portables (where all their classrooms are) until later. So there was no taking 1st day pictures with his teacher, a tradition I've maintained every year. I was prepared to not be able to do it next year, at middle school, but the harshness of this this 5th grade year just totally took me by surprise. Here he is, glaring at me for taking his picture on the "boys" side of the cafeteria.

So. I have only Ryan's 1st day picture with Ms. Corbett to post.

We had her for Alex, and I was thrilled to get her for Ryan. She was a great teacher (and yes, I'm possibly biased that she was a lawyer at Legal Aid for fifteen years before giving up law to teach, a dream I entertain on an increasingly regular basis.) Here's to a great year, and just imagine the picture of Alex with his first male teacher, Mr. Ortiz.

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