Wednesday, May 1, 2013


During 1st grade at our school, every child gets a week to be a Very Important Person.

When Alex was in 1st grade, his teacher did it by birthday order, which meant Alex was the very first V.I.P. We didn't quite know what to expect, and to make matters worse, I was out of town the whole time we had to do it (five days between receiving the schedule on a Tuesday, and I flew out the next day and wouldn't return until after it was due). So I don't exactly have the best memories of VIP week for Alex.

Ryan's teacher does things differently - she does it in alphabetical order, by last name. Which meant Ryan was 21st and last in his class.

He's spent the whole year waiting and waiting and asking when it would be his turn, and waiting some more, and waiting even MORE. Ryan could not WAIT for his VIP week to come.

Finally, the end of April rolled around, and it was his turn.

Since he's spent the whole year watching every one else's VIP weeks, the boy had a very set idea in his mind as to what he wanted. His background poster-board must be blue. His letters must be bubble letters. In green. And he knew the pictures he wanted. He did not want text on his page,other than his name. He did not want his last name. And he wanted about one dozen baby/toddler pictures.

I decided to let him win every battle but the last one, and strongly suggested we include some pictures of hid family and friends.

Thankfully, he listened to me.

Ryan's teacher also lets the VIP for the week bring in a show and tell every day. It should come as no surprise that Ryan had very definitive ideas on his show and tell items, as well. He was a bit bummed that his teacher quashed the hamster coming in, as well as his new fish (more on that later). But with some careful negotiating  he ended up with the following VIP show and tell schedule:

  • Monday - his Pinewood Derby LEGO racer car, and his trophy for Most Colorful
  • Tuesday - a model of an SR-71 stealth plane he built over Christmas
  • Wednesday - his Ninjago lego minifigures, including his valued green and gold ninjas
  • Thursday - his Star Wars Fighter Pod collection
  • Friday - his coin collection. 
Friday's visit was made extra special because the coin collecting Ryan does with his grandfather, and Al came in and had lunch with him and helped him show off the coins. Apparently the class was very interested in his collection, so the show and tell went on for thirty minutes.

I had grand intentions on Monday of photographing every day's show and tell, but somehow that didn't quite happen.

Ryan loved being a Very Important Person, and we loved watching him enjoy his week in the limelight.

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