Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The boys participated in their school's first ever 1st-3rd grade choir this year (I say first ever... first time its been offered since we've been there, that is).

Despite Alexander having asked me to sign him up for choir, both boys have hated it since Day 1. They came home from their first practice, and announced they were quitting.

Not so fast, I explained. They needed to give it more of a chance.

Well, by the time I was satisfied they had given it enough of a chance, they had parts.

And despite their very good reasons for wanting to quit choir (not enough boys... in fact, Ryan was the only first grade boy)...

Mean Safety Mommy made them stick it out, since at this point, they were committed.

Every other Monday they had practice, and this became a BIG struggle.

Ryan even started faking being sick to get out of choir practice.

After the third headache in a row fourteen days apart at 2:45 pm, I caught on.

So you can imagine their excitement when they learned they would have to do three performances on performance days: for the parents in the evening, and two during school for all the grades.

Soon Alex was coming up with ways to get out of choir. "I'm going to forget my lines... I'll "forget" my costume... Will you understand if I get sent to the principal's office, just this once? ... (cough) I'm (cough) not (cough) feeling well (cough).."

I didn't know WHAT to expect when we showed up for their show two weeks ago.

Turns out, it was very cute, and they did a great job.

Even if Alex (playing the Simon Cowell type judge) completely ignored the English accent we've spent FIVE MONTHS practicing at home.

They hated their "costumes" I ordered, although they really appreciated I didn't make them wear a full body costume like some other unfortunate children.

And my kids think I was the mean parent!!

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