Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter's Bright Saturday

No trip to Concan is complete without a trip down to the Frio River.

The water by Bobby's house is just perfect. 

Not too deep, but fun and refreshing enough to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Laurel had fun trying to catch a fish with these nets.

Which she did! Go Laurel.

Everyone had fun with these water guns.

Except when one of the munchkins decided to shoot the adults.

Even baby Caroline got into the water, and had a blast finding the perfect river rock.

Everyone had a great time. My mom was out for a bit, but mostly she made trips back and forth with things we needed... forgotten water shoes, drinks, swim shirts, sunscreen, snacks, beer, hats, tamales, more beer... you name it, she was bringing it to us. Thanks, Mom!

Next up, the dyeing of the Easter eggs.

We had what seemed like a million eggs to dye, but in reality, was only 72. Still.

That's a lot of eggs.

I was especially fond of the glitter tie-dye egg kits, which use little bags instead of cups.

These came out great!

We spent a lot of time playing around Bobby's property. 

Now that he has a fiance with older step-kids, he's upped his game with a go kart.

Needless to say, Team Danger LOVED the go-kart.


And while Laurel, Audrey and Graham couldn't reach the pedals yet, they still found ways to enjoy the go-kart.

Just call them the Danger Cousins.

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