Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Sunday

Everyone at Easter Brunch together (Carl and Nanette hiding).

I didn't get the only-Pottery-Barn-Easter-basket memo from Julie and Robyn. ;)

Waiting for the egg hunt to start.
To make things fair, we color coded the hunts. Graham and Rocco searched for yellow and orange eggs.

While Alex and Ryan searched for blue and green eggs.

And the girls looked for pink and purple eggs.
 I think it worked well, when you consider the speed of the two year olds...

and the seven and nine year olds.

And then the epic cascarone fight began!
Everyone had a blast.

We went through almost two hundred confetti eggs.

Glad this was at Bobby's house, and not mine. ;)

Love the expressions of glee here on Audrey and Laurel's faces.

Trolley ride to brunch.

Loved spending time with all of my favorite people.

And this one was technically back at our house when I realized I didn't have any decent pictures of just Alex and Ryan together. Somehow it came out a bit American Gothic, but you take what you can get.

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