Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Camping and Fishing with the Scouts

I was leaving these events for Carl to blog about, but since it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon, I'll take a stab at it.

We wrapped up Alex's Wolf year in Cub Scouts with the annual spring camp out at the Scouts' property in Bastrop. This was a whole pack event (there are 15 dens in the pack at our school). I went with the family this year, having committed to going during a strong case of Mommy guilt.

All in all, my first camping in a tent experience was ... tolerable. It could have been a bit cooler for me, and I could have used some closer toilets, and perhaps an air mattress that didn't have a hole in it, but all in all. I survived.

The following weekend was our end of year den party, and we used the lake house of one of the members for fishing and a picnic.

The weather was absolutely beautiful - cool and breezy, and the setting was Texas scenery at its best. We had a great time, and feel blessed to have such good kids and families in Alex's den.

Can we possibly strike gold twice when Ryan joins up this week?

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