Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We made it out to the Austin Rodeo the last possible weekend.

The boys had a lot of fun playing on the tractors with their cousins.

And the petting zoo is always a big bit.

Of course, one can't go to the rodeo without eating food on a stick.

Corn on a stick.

Turkey legs on a (drum)stick.
And of course, corn dogs on a stick.

Then it was time to put those wristbands to good use. Things were complicated going to the rodeo with Connor. He wasn't tall enough to go on most rides unless he had an adult. And the kiddie rides he was tall enough for, then my kids were too tall to go on with him.

This train was one of the few the three of them could all ride, and I think Alex's expression sums it up pretty well (its partly due to the fact that he was alone in the backseat, having given up his front seat so Connor and Ryan could sit together. Sometimes its hard being the oldest cousin).

So it wasn't long before we had to go our separate ways, and Alex went off to ride a lot of the REALLY dangerous rides by himself.

Considering he's pretty shy, he did a great job bonding with some of the other boys.

We had a great time up until Ryan took his brother's advice and went on the Spaceship. Alex had been on it and loved it. Its one of those rides where you stand against the wall, and they close all the doors and spin you around, so we couldn't see what was happening inside.

An extremely unhappy Ryan greeted us outside at the end of the ride, and just like that, it was time to go home.

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