Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pioneer Farms Field Trip

 The second graders went on their second field trip of the year, to the Jordan-Bachman Pioneer Farms Living History Park.

I had never been here before, despite being a bit of a history geek. I think its proximity to the landfills (and its party status in my never-ending litigation) has kept me away, but its really quite interesting. I was probably the most interested person, though.

The kids' favorite part was the blacksmith. Not only was he making a danger weapon - a knife! - but he was making it with Fire! And then there was his name... a blacksmith. As all little boys of a certain age can tell you, the LEGO ninjas pretended to be the Royal Blacksmiths in a recent episode of LEGO Ninjago. So the term "blacksmith" makes them all think of LEGOs and Ninjas and the fact that this Blacksmith had his own Ninja weapon, well, let's just say that the thirteen boys in Ms. Cowan's class were pretty excited.

It was hot at Pioneer Farms.
There are no water fountains, and the kids ran through their water supplies pretty quickly. We (the eight parents who came along) ended up pooling together to buy water bottles for all the kids. And this was March. I'd avoid the place in the summer, because there aren't many shady spots. December would be the perfect time to visit.

One of the few trees (and what a tree it was!):

After the blacksmiths and the teepees, the other favorite spot for the boys were the outhouses. They were FASCINATED. Nothing like official potty talk to excite eight year old boys.

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