Sunday, April 22, 2012

The End of Do

Ryan received his Level 2 Blue Belt on Friday, and its with a heavy heart that we have decided to stop his Taekwondo learning.

 He's done a fantastic job, and we're unbelievably proud of him and his dedication.

Someday, he may return to it, but we learned last year that Scouts, TKD, and another sport (soccer/basketball/swimming) was too much to handle. Ryan made his choice, and soccer and scouts have won out.

I might jokingly (and okay, sometimes seriously) call North Austin Taekwondo a money pit, but we've been very grateful to how well they have taught our sons over the years. I don't have to worry about their safety quite as much, and I know they know how to stand up to bullying. I'll still worry, of course. Just only losing three hours of sleep, instead of six.

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