Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Soccer Stars

Somehow I went through the entire spring soccer season without posting any photos or writing at all about it. Odd, considering how much soccer consumes our lives.

So to make up, here is a smorgasbord of photos of Sir Alexander of the Barcelona Dragons, and Ryan and the Roly-Polys.

Ryan and the Roly-Polys
This was Ryan's first time playing soccer, and apparently sitting on the sidelines watching Big Brother play for the past two years was great training. He's an incredible player (if I don't say so myself). He is fast - very fast -  but he excels in dribbling, something that is often hard for the four year olds to grasp. Most kids just kick the ball once, and watch it go, marveling at their good work. But not Ryan, he kicks it, he follows it, he kicks it again and again, and he actually sets up his goals, maneuvering around other kids.

Coach Daddy hands out patches at the end of every game. Here is Alex congratulating his brother on receiving his very first patch.

And here is Coach Daddy admiring all the patches Ryan has earned through the season.

Action Shots of the Roly-Polys:

Alexander and the Dragons

This was Alex's 5th season playing soccer with the Dragons. We've gone through some name changes (Caterpillars-Geckos-Dragons) and we've lost and gained a few players (Carson and Nick are new this season, replacing our two girls, Reese and Hayley). But for the most part, we've all been together. The kids all play well together and are good friends, and we also get along well with the parents.

Playing against an all-girls team. Guess who won this game? That's right! The all-girl team! What a great lesson for our boys to learn (and their Coach!), and it was definitely the most exciting game we've ever had.

More Dragon Action!

And apparently I shouldn't stand near the goal with my camera - it gets my kids hurt. In one game, I was poised to capture Ryan kicking a goal when this mean big brute of a kid came up and pushed him square in the middle of his back from behind to knock him down to the ground and keep him from scoring. I ended up getting the assault at just the right moment.

Okay, he is the same size as Ryan, possibly smaller, but still... my baby was hurt. He cried for a long time, that "the Black team did it!" I don't know if I've ever been so proud of Ryan when he finally went back in to the game and proceeded to score three goals, annoying the "black team" to no end.

And the next week, I'm at the goal once again, this time trying to get the perfect photo of Alex, when one of the girls proceeds to kick the ball away from Alex - and her foot kept going, all the way up until it intersected with his nose. Ouch! He was pretty upset, and his nose wasn't looking that good, either. There were two large bumps on the side of it for a while, but the ice seemed to keep it down pretty well.

Suffice it to say, I have finally learned my lesson and shall not stand anywhere near goals with a camera in my hand, ever again. But it won't stop me from photographing the rest of the game from the sidelines, including tunnel time!

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