Friday, May 14, 2010

Open House at Spicewood

Yesterday was Alex's Open House at Spicewood - a chance for the parents to come in and actually see some of the work Alex has accomplished over the past year. I don't know if other schools are like Spicewood, but I've been going more than a little crazy over the past nine months not having things sent home to me, preferably with grades (like A) on them. I've literally been salivating over the chance for the vault to be opened, to actually be able to feast my eyes and hands on the top-secret notebooks.

So you can imagine my happiness at showing up and being given not one, not two, but three separate notebooks. And my happiness at finding out that the biggest one, the juiciest morsel, would not be allowed to go home with me. That it stays at school, throughout the entirety of his elementary school career. For another FIVE YEARS. Seriously.WTF??!!

I'm probably committing a misdemeanor here, but I snapped some photos of the contraband school work.

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