Monday, May 17, 2010

Soccer Parties, without the Soccer

The rain that fell for a good chunk of Friday caused the soccer fields to be closed on Saturday. Our last soccer games of the season were scheduled to be played Saturday morning, with the end of season parties to follow.

Alas, the last Roly-Polys game and the last Dragons game did not happen. Fingers crossed they will be rescheduled for next weekend, but since it was the end of the season, I don't hold out much hope.

First up, the Dragons party. We hosted it at our house. The idea was that the boys, after a rough and challenging game of soccer, would be ready for a refreshing dip in the pool. So we volunteered to host the party, and, naturally, the game was cancelled. At least the weather held up so the kids were still able to swim.

The cooler water temps led them to try out the hot tub.

And instead of hitting the pinata, we let our soccer stars kick the pinata. 

But they still found a way to hit it every now and then.

Next was the Roly-Polys party. As this is a team of four year-olds, the pool party would have involved the parents swimming, too, so I didn't offer to host this one. Plus I wasn't sure of the logistics of cleaning up from one party right before another. Sounded like a bad idea all around.

So the Roly-Polys met up at Waterloo Ice House for dinner. The parents were able to drink beer and margaritas, and the kids played on the playscape, and the newest attraction, the mud pit. Ryan thought it was pretty clever of the restaurant to have a big hole in the ground filled with mud that could collect rainwater. "I want a mud pit with my playscape," he announced.

After the trophys were handed out, we headed home again for a 2nd swim of the day, for a quick mud removal.

Other news from the weekend: we had nothing to do on Sunday. It was complete bliss. Made even more blissful by the fact that Carl took the boys out and about for a good chunk of the morning. I slept late, and they came home about 1pm, with Ryan announcing that they had gone to "Taco Bandana" for lunch. I noticed they didn't bring me any queso or soft tacos back from Taco Cabana. Hmph.

We spent the afternoon trimming up some plants and swimming. Oh, I take it back - I had an HOA Board meeting Sunday night. So not a completely non-scheduled day. But as close to one as I think I'll get for some time to come.

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