Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mid-week Fun

Yesterday I was shopping over lunch at, where else, Target, when I came across these shoes. I've been looking for some new walking/hiking shoes to take to Switzerland. So imagine the beating of my heart when I found these, for only $39.99, and with a Swiss flag on them! They are made by the Swiss Army Knife folks. Could they be any more perfect for my trip? I used them this morning on the treadmill, and my feet still felt pretty good. I'll give them a good trial run at Saturday's 5K Walk Like MADD, and assuming all is well, into my suitcase they are headed.

My fear that the roses were waiting for me to leave on my trip was all for naught. Look what I found outside this morning!

And here is Ryan on his way to school, in his bathing suit, flip flops, and yes, that is a long sleeved Halloween t-shirt. On school picture day, no less. He has his spare, nice set of clothes in his backpack, theoretically ready for pictures to be taken. However, when I picked him up, he came home dressed exactly the same. I'm not sure what to expect. His afternoon teacher didn't know what he had worn for pictures, so we just get to wait and see. Should be fun.

1 comment:

  1. The shoes are perfect! Isn't Target one of the best places on Earth? So glad things have calmed down at the European airports. LOVE the picture outfit. Very Texas in the summer : )



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