Friday, April 2, 2010

Alex's First Date!

A few weeks back, Carl and I went to Spicewood's Silent Auction, a big fundraiser for the PTA. The item we wanted to win the most was for a movie and snack date for Alex with his teacher. We were in a bidding war for a while with another parent, but with five minutes left, and both Charlotte and I loitering near the sign up sheet, it was quickly becoming risky that I might lose the bid, and even if I did, this was going to be one pricey movie date! So a deal was struck, since the winning child was allowed to bring a friend. Thus, Mollie and Alex went on the date with Ms. Gittinger.

They went to see "How to Train a Dragon," not in 3D, though, since Alex does not like "glasses movies." He was pretty excited that we were carpooling with Mollie, so Carl drove him to pick up his very first date, and then drove the two of them to the movies.

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

It was definitely a good Friday. The boys came to work with me this morning, then we went to China* for lunch with Carl. (*when we go to a Chinese restaurant, Ryan always says we are going to China. Its too cute to correct him.)

We then went over to dye Easter eggs with Connor, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Drew, Grandma and Grandpa. Quite a mess was made! We're putting the finishing touches on the boys lemonade stand for tomorrow. Saturday will be another crazy, fun-filled day - can't wait!

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