Friday, April 16, 2010

Do Boys

Now that Ryan is four, we are officially a two children-in-sports family. He started TaeKwonDo, following in the footsteps of big brother and Daddy, and he now plays soccer. His team is the Roly-Polys, and Alex plays for the Barcelona Dragons.

Last weekend was the first time Ryan was able to test for a new belt. He was pretty psyched getting all dressed up for his 8:00 a.m. (!) testing in his crisp white uniform, with all his new patches freshly sewn on. He did a great job, and, unbiased, proud mom that I am, must note that he was the only one to raise his hand when he said his tenants, "I promise, to use, tae-kwon-do, in class, and to escape from strangers... I will not, use taekwondo, to cause trouble. Yes, MA'AM!" Admittedly, he rose his left hand to swear, but hey, it was a hand. And he said "yes Ma'am" to a male instructor, but he still passed.

Ryan and his friend Matthew. Ryan quickly noted that Matthew was already a yellow belt.

A few hours later, it was Alex and Carl's turn to test. They were both at the same time, so I could really only watch Alex. And he did not disappoint! He did an awesome job on his red belt form. I especially love his flying jump kick - he was several feet off the ground! (tip: single-click on the photos to enlarge so you can really see his fancy footwork)

He did some great kicks during sparring, too.

And here are all three Team Danger boys tonight with their new belts. Daddy's new L1 red belt hadn't come in yet (kinda sad), but Ryan has his new Tiger Cub Yellow Belt, and Alex has his L2 Red Belt.Alex still outranks Daddy, and he's been very considerate, offering to teach Daddy his new red belt form.

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