Friday, February 28, 2014

Little CSI Investigators

As I blogged about Ryan's birthday trip, I realized I hadn't posted about a fun time we spent in December in San Antonio at the Witte Museum, with their CSI Exhibit.

While we've never watched the CSI (other than a few minutes once at my mom's and the gruesomeness turned me off), the description of this exhibit sounded right up Team Danger's alley: a chance to investigate and solve your own crime scene!

We picked the most child-friendly of the three CSI paths upon entering: some remains are found in the desert, and you have to piece together who it is, and what happened to him/her (I call it child-friendly because there was no blood stains to analyze).

We then went through a lot of technological steps, where he used the computer to analyze some hair found in the skeleton's hands to show us it was some dog hair.

We analyzed the age of the bones, and the computer searched through missing records for us.

We also looked through gun registries, and analyzed the shell casings found at the scene.

We also went to the morgue to take a look at the remains, where we got to "talk" to the coroner and get the official cause of death.

Finally, we analyzed our potential suspects before we deduced who committed the crime, and then we watched it "recreated" on these screens. (Maybe they do that at the end of the tv show?)

We had a lot of fun doing our crime scene investigation. Its definitely not for the younger kids. I wish they would have had some sort of non-violent crime to analyze, but I never felt Ryan was too young.

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