Sunday, February 9, 2014

Austin's sNOwpocalypse 2014 (with flashbacks to 2010)

It seems kind of funny to be posting this while I'm in the middle of blogging about our adventures in some real snow.

But this has been the winter of the polar vortex, and while much of the country has been completely iced over and snowed in, Austin has remained relatively unscathed.

Yet we've still had three full "snow" days, as well as the boys having two delayed starts. I've even had two paid days off work, and a total of seven hours over three other days. (yes, I count every single hour the County gifts me. And unlike my children, I don't have to make them up. Bonus!)

Most of the days, there has been absolutely no snow, and very little ice.

We did have at least a half an inch or so of some ice back in January, which was enough to make Team Danger bundle up and head out for some sledding fun.

Its been a crazy winter. We're still hopeful for some real snow to fall, like we had four years ago, and was one of my favorite days ever. Ryan was still in preschool, but we had received word our elementary school was closing early because of the weather. I decided to leave work, and Carl, Ryan, and I waited for Alex to come home on the bus. The biggest snowflakes ever were falling ...

Alex hopped off the bus, and insisted we immediately head back to the country club because he had seen how awesome the snow was there. So we walked on down, and sure enough... there was enough snow for not just one snowman ...

 But a whole family.

Now, that was a REAL snow day.

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