Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Valentine's Day: Things I loved, things I didn't

I loved the Valentine's Day cards and treats Ryan and I made for his class. He picked an Olympic theme, and I think they came out so cute!

I wish he would have continued the Olympics theme with his box, but no, he wanted a Minecraft creeper. And Alex wanted Steve.

I loved the Minecraft candy bar wrappers I found online and which Alex gave out as treats to his class.

I did not like the boring Batman cards Alex picked, but he made p for it by googling on his own initiative "Minecraft teacher valentine," finding the little card, printing it out, and then asking me to help him finish it. Now that's my boy!

I loved getting to see Bob Schenieder play at the Paramount with Moonlight Orchestra, and that Carl and I had a real Valentine's Day date night for the first time in a decade.

I did not like the unhappy phone calls I received from the boys when I didn't go to their school parties. With all these "snow" days and late starts, it seems like I'm missing a lot of work. It probably would have been a good idea to explain to the boys that neither of us would be at their parties, but somehow I didn't think of that. Parenting fail. Fortunately, the Spicewood village supplied me with a few pictures.

I loved my flowers from Carl.

And I loved that Valentine's Day fell on my third three day weekend in a row, and that we had a makeup school day on President's Day, giving me a chance for a facial and a massage.  

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