Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Robotics Camp

Another summer camp hit for us was a Robotics Camp, run by Robots-4-U.

This was an unknown for us - I picked it because 1) there was a Living Social deal, so the normal $400/week camp was only $200; 2) it was located 1/4 mile from our house at the country club; and 3) both boys had a friend going with them. Camps are ALWAYS better with a friend. :)

Every day when I would drop them off, I would get a tour of what had been built the previous day.

The boys loved showing off their work.

I was most impressed.

Almost impressed enough to buy the $175 kits they were selling.


But not quite.

Other than the fact that this camp ends at 3pm each day, this was a big win for us. Carl was able to work from home in the afternoons and its close enough to not really be a problem, but, oy... no after-care options suck.

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