Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camp Gladiator

This summer, Alex went to two sessions of Camp Gladiator.

The first time up, he went with a whole crew of friends, practically his entire basketball team: Zach, Carson T, Carter, Chad, and Nate. The boys are divided up on either the Calida team (blue) or Veritas (red).

They had theme days, and well, boys don't always handle theme days well. Here's how Alex, Chad, and Carter dressed up for Nerd Day.

Whereas Zach and Carson made a much better attempt.

Much to Alex's dismay, the best part of Camp Gladiator is the last day of camp on Saturday, when you have a huge contest between the two teams. Except... I didn't plan this part of the summer well, and we had to miss the end-of-camp extravaganza because we were on our flight to DC.

So a few weeks later, Alex returned to Camp Gladiator, this time with just one friend (Carson K).

And we were on the blue team this time.

But... we made it to the big Saturday contest!

Which was one of those freakish, actually raining days in Austin.

So it was cold, wet, and they couldn't go down the 40-foot high slide.

Still, Alex had a blast, and since next year Ryan will be age-eligible, I signed both of them up at 50% off for next year.

And I've promised not to miss the Saturday camp. ;)

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